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Release Notes

  • Release Notes for TBD


    Bugfix: On truck quantities not displaying correctly

    Bugfix: Printing with Zebra products getting inconsistent results. Stops printing, prints garbage, and sporadically prints fine

    New: … more

  • Release Notes for February 27, 2018 - August 2, 2018


    Bugfix: Verify address dialog does not work

    Bugfix: Upload Customers resolve header mapping API is not working

    Bugfix: Dialog error

    Bugfix: Map picture not displaying

    Bugfix: Website … more

  • Release Notes for January 12, 2018

    Hot Fixes


    The Home Delivery Add in Generate Presale Screen no longer requires a Customer Class.


    bMobile Sales Android was updated to work with the latest version of … more

  • Release Notes for January 5, 2018

    New Features


    The Vendor Order Exceptions windows have new columns to show current lead times when picking multiple items and with Forecasting installed the Forecast Lead columns.

    We … more

  • Release Notes for December 15, 2017

    Hot Fixes


    The Vendor Exception select Multiple Items to add window resizes correctly.

    Trucks as Warehouse has been updated to work better with the QuickBooks Remote tool.

    Memorized … more

  • Release Note for December 1, 2017

    Hot Fixes


    The Inventory consigned grid has been updated to match the Customer consign grid information.

    Price codes that adjust the dollar amount up has been fixed.

    Android … more

  • Release Note for October 13, 2017

    Hot Fixes


    The Reason Code on Returns Required setting now applies to Desktop created returns.


    The Presale delivery date is now being selected properly by the device. … more

  • Release Note for September 22, 2017

    Hot Fixes


    Saving in the Payment screen no longer stops the software.

    Forecasting now works with all customer names and no longer doubles the forecast amount.

    Generating Presales … more

  • Release Notes for August 25, 2017

    Hot Fixes


    When a Presale already exists for a customer the desktop is no longer prompting twice if you want to use the one already created.

    Completed Presales and Posted invoices no … more

  • bMobile Sales Software Update

    bMobile Sales Software Update

    Hello Everyone!


    bMobileSales.com has expanded again and will be updated tomorrow 07/26/2017.  This will cause the web site to be unavailable for Sync from 8pm … more


Blog Posts

  • RouteMizer Is Now Available on apps.com!

    RouteMizer has been certified and ready for apps.com! It has been recognized and certified by QuickBooks and is now available on the website as a route optimization solution.

    RouteMizer can be … more

  • Introducing the bMobile Route Training Center

    Introducing the bMobile Route Training Center

    bMobile is proud to introduce the bMobile Route Training Center website! This website is designed for those who are in need of information about the … more