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Beverage & Bottled Water

Earning profit in beverage route distribution is an uphill battle, beginning with the requirements imposed by beverage suppliers, route customers and government regulation. Complexity in beverage inventory control starts with a massive sku list and even more complicated beverage pricing structure. Complexity is time consuming before and during delivery, resulting in escalating route labor costs. Learn more> 

Bread, Tortilla & Bakery

We understand that in the wholesale bakery industry inventory control is a moving target. Perhaps in no other DSD industry is freshness as import as in the wholesale bread and bakery industry. Delivery of fresh bread and bakery products is demanded by your customers. Learn more> 

Candy & Snack Foods

bMobile Route Software can help the candy and snack food distributor in a mutitude of ways.  We start with an Online B2B Ecommerce portal that lets your retailer or customer make orders and stop requests directly online, 24 hours a day.  That information is sent directly into the desktop management page for approval.  Warehouse or delivery personnel then pick and load the order, which ensures accurate loading, and less unneccesary inventory hauling.  The delivery driver or vendor can then use the mobile handheld to optimize thier daily routes, make the deliveries, restock shelves, credit returns, invoice the order, and accept payment.  Learn more> 

Grocery & Produce Vendors

Specialized Order, Inventory, and Route Management for Food, Coffee, and Grocery Distribution.  The highly competitive DSD business of food and grocery route distribution, requires cost containment and maximum sales effort in order to profit. New regulations, such as FASMA and others further complicate the Grocery and Produce Distribution business.  Learn more> 

Milk, Ice Cream & Dairy Vendors

Comply with freshness and recall regulations using our wide range of inventory tracking and order management options for desktop and mobile devices.  bMobile saves time for office staff and simplifies the job for warehouse personnel, with lot "where sold" tracking, online Ecommerce ordering portals, and delivery route optimization.  Learn more> 

Mobile Gas, Propane & Cylinder Distribution

Completing sales transactions in the field and collecting account data is important to any distribution business. But propane and gas distributors have very specific needs – and bMobile has a specific solution. Along with general route management and route optimization, bMobile gives the propane and bottled gas distributor greater control over every facet of sales and delivery for the Propane and Bottled Gas Industry. Learn more> 

Prepaid & Gift Card Vendors

We have the Inventory Management tools to improve profit in the growing consignment and wholesale distribution of Gift, Prepaid, and Calling Cards. We know the specialized inventory needs and challenges of Distributors and consignment sales firms for their route sales and delivery process. Learn more> 


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