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Solutions for Milk, Ice Cream & Dairy Vendors

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The fast paced, competitive, and highly regulated business of dairy and wholesale ice cream route distribution requires cost containment and maximum sales effort in order to profit.  Eliminate waste, losses, and inefficiencies with specially designed solutions.

Freshness regulation, transportation requirements, and tracking methods all require a very specific set of abilities when it comes to order and delivery solutions.  bMobile Route has all these areas covered, and then some!  We know the route delivery business inside-out, so we designed our software to accommodate the needs of the industries we serve.

bMobile Route Software offers greater efficiency
with Order, Management, Inventory, and Route control,
Mobile sales, and Delivery.

Comply with freshness and recall regulations using our wide range of inventory tracking and order management options for desktop and mobile devices.  bMobile saves time for office staff and simplifies the job for warehouse personnel, with lot "where sold" tracking, online Ecommerce ordering portals, and delivery route optimization.  Instant data communication between office and warehouse saves steps and paperwork, while reducing errors. Simplify delivery preparations with bMobile’s Pick, Pack and Delivery system. Eliminate route fulfillment errors and streamline time consuming inventory control tasks with bMobile Route.

Accountability and simplification of tasks reduces delivery costs. Faster route stops allowsfor more sales time. Real-time truck inventory tracking gives the route driver opportunities to turn left over product into sales revenue. Plus, bMobile gives the route sales person more presale options with instant recall of future promotions and warehouse inventory.

Containing route delivery costs and generating route sales opportunities are the key benefits of bMobile Route Software. Route cost containment begins with cost tracking. bMobile provides cost monitoring for each individual mobile route. Product returns and losses can be analyzed along with labor costs, fuel costs, and delivery vehicle maintenance. Time and resources are then optimized with Route Mizer route optimization (optional).

Management control, office and warehouse process efficiency, and field productivity are all increased, whether you have one route or a fleet of 100.

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