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Mobile Order Management, Route Sales, & Delivery Solutions

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DSD Order Management & Route Accounting

DSD Route Accounting & Mobile Order Management Software from bMobile™ is an affordable, easy to use mobile solution for Direct Store Distribution (DSD), Route Sales, & route delivery.  Improve productivity in less time with our Desktop and Handheld Android Solutions. Leveraging the latest in mobile computing technology, bMobile Route reduces operating expenses and increases sales opportunities for your field staff.  Mobile distributors with anywhere from 2 to 200 trucks will benefit from the improvement in Order Management and Route Workflow Automation achieved with bMobile Route Software.

B2B Ecommerce Shopping Cart

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B2B Ecommerce Platforms

We develop the latest in Online connectivity and Ecommerce ordering systems for your customers.  Increase DSD Revenue and Customer Satisfaction when you give your customers the ability place their orders 24/7!  Customers can securely log in and do their own order management any time, anywhere.  Order cloning, reordering, and default presales make it quick and convenient.  End-of-day and emergency orders can be entered anytime for restaurants and retailers for next day delivery!  It’s a true win-win!

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Route Optimization

bMobile can help ensure profitable routes and on-time stops, with route optimization that saves fuel, time, and ensures you arrive when your customers need you there.  Keep track of time windows, delivery locations and mapping, even if they use GPS coordinates for “receiving door” deliveries.

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ERP, Accounting, and Data Integration

bMobile integrates with Quickbooks, Sage, SAP, and many other well-known accounting and ERP business programs.  Make the switch to bMobile without a massive and complex data transfer or migration to a new program.  We also have integrations in place with EDI, DEX, and other invoicing and receiving solutions that are used by retailers.

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bMobile Route Software has a wide variety of specialized addins to accomodate your specific order management needs. From forecasting demand, to Fixed Asset Management, to keeping track of independent operators, bMobile adapts to any kind of industry needs.  If we don't have a solution that will work, our innovative consultants will create one.


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