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DSD Order Management & Route Accounting Software

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bMobile Route Accounting Software for B2B, DSD and Sales Invoicing

See more productivity in less time!

DSD Mobile Order Management & Route Accounting Software from bMobile™ 

Leveraging the latest in mobile computing technology, bMobile provides affordable and easy to use solutions that reduce operating expenses and increases sales opportunities for your Direct Store Delivery and Route Sales field staff.

Wholesale and Retail Distributors with 2 trucks or 200 will equally benefit with the cost-effective systems and consulting from bMobile Route Software, which includes functionality for management, back office, warehouse and route delivery personnel.  Nearly every department of your DSD route sales and delivery business will see benefits from bMobile Route Software solutions.

  • Streamline tasks for route personnel

  • Simplify procedures in the warehouse

  • Reduce workloads in the office

  • Cut operating costs

  • Increase profits.

bMobile Route Software excels in providing greater employee accountability, optimum management control, and reduced manager workload.

Communicate instantly between the office and warehouse.  Daily loading processes move faster.  Get greater driver accountability for time and route activities and automate invoice and field data entry from driver to the office.

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Key Benefits

  • More Sales Opportunities
  • Tighter Mobile Inventory Control
  • Increased Field Staff Accountability
  • Greater Management Oversight
  • Reduced Paperwork
  • Fast Stop Times
  • Simplified Sales & Delivery Processes
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Rapid Order Fulfillment
  • Reduce Route Costs / Fuel Costs

Key Features

  • Presales and Direct Sales
  • Route Planning & Mapping
  • Route Optimization
  • Signature Capture
  • Pre-sale & Off-truck Invoicing
  • Track Mobile Inventory
  • Real Time Data Communication
  • Mobile Printing & Barcode Scan Ready
  • Field Asset Tracking

Key Industries

  • Food & Grocery Products
  • Bread & Bakery Goods
  • Beer & Wine
  • Soft Drinks, Sports Drinks, & Energy Drinks
  • Bottled Water & Bulk Ice
  • Frozen Foods & Ice Cream Products
  • Deli & Dairy Products
  • Propane & LP Gas
  • Prepaid Phone Cards

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